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Опубликовано: 01.02.2018

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Тема : СПОРТ ( на английском языке )

Sports (3)      

1). They say, "Health is above wealth". 2). Thousands of people consider sports to be very helpful in gaining good health. 3). That's why every country pays much attention to developing sports. 4). It is sport that helps to bring up physically strong, strong-willed, courageous and energetic people.

5). Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find time forgoing in for sports regularly. 6). People have become too busy nowadays. 7). There are quite a number of people who prefer watching sporting events rather than taking part in them. 8). They are so-called sportfans. 9). They pack stadiums during sport matches and competitions, they sit glued to the TV, and they are ready to give every moral support to their favourite sportsmen or teams.

10). In the meantime thousands of people devote their spare time to going in for sports. 11). They play indoor and outdoor games: volleyball, basketball, table-tennis, hockey, law-tennis. 12). The number of participants and spectators show that the most popular games are basketball, hockey and, of course, football. 13). A lot of people go in for track-and-field athletics, cycling, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics and so on.

Мой любимый вид спорта топик английский язык. My Favouirte kind of sport устная тема

14). Hockey, figure skating, skiing and skating are among the most popular winter sports. 15). In summer swimming is enjoyed by millions of people. 16). There are also many indoor swimming pools, which make swimming possible all the year round. 17). Cycling is useful exercise, too, because it takes you out into the fresh air and gives much work to all the muscles. 18). So if you arrange your day correctly you can find an opportunity for sports.

Sport in my life топик. Спорт в моей жизни устная тема

19). Physical training is an essential part of young people's development. 20). All pupils and students have regular training at PT lessons. 21). These classes are enjoyed by everybody as they give a lot of energy, develop muscles, make pupils strong, quick and healthy. 22). From time to time different kinds of competitions are organized at school or between schools. 23). The most popular sports at school are basketball, football and volleyball. 24). Besides, pupils and students attend a lot of sports clubs and sports sections after classes, where they take up their favourite kind of sport. 25). So if you think that physical fitness and health are important you are to go in for sports.


Спорт (3) 

1). Говорят: "Здоровье дороже богатства". 2). Тысячи людей считают, что спорт помогает приобрести хорошее здоровье. 3). Поэтому каждая страна уделяет много внимания развитию спорта. 4). Именно спорт помогает воспитанию физически сильных, волевых, смелых и энергичных людей.